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1234 Yorbin Drive

EASTER EGG #2 • Collect them all!

Look at you, super sleuth! You’ve found our secret hidey-hole. Just don’t tell that cloudy-eyed kid that smells like ground beef.

Please leave your name in the comments section/Wall of Pride and don’t forget to click on the Grandma photos for some rare bonus content from ‘Superego Live!’ on December 10, 2008.

1234 Yorbin Drive

1234 Yorbin Drive

50 Responses to “1234 Yorbin Drive”

  1. bsp220 says:

    Check out my Pray Dater profile: Cruisin’Chistian220. Lookin for some fine left behind.

  2. Tokyodrifter says:

    Do you want to climb onto my throne?

  3. Joey Salsipuedes says:

    Spiderman 2.

  4. abrandonship says:

    Och Lane Corn Maze.

  5. Murky Blurbles says:

    I do what I’m told!

  6. Ridely Scotch says:

    Thanks, leech.

  7. Hoyt Runyun (Melbourne chapter) says:


  8. Wanda Stikkacoquinette says:

    Double foreskin?

  9. Ron'Ald says:

    I set fire to the phonebooth just as soon as my new eyepatches arrived in the mail. Afterward I drank a jar of pickle juice laced with rubber acorns.

  10. Den says:

    Who ate my sandwhich? It was clearly marked as poison.

  11. P Marlowe says:

    Las problemas son mi negocio, jefe!

  12. Nick Ludwig says:

    2 ply for the One-eye!

  13. ChronoMojo says:


  14. Pondage says:

    interaction fun! great job gents!

  15. Chris Woods says:

    I’m excreting joy! Thanks guys!

  16. Margaret Cross says:

    I’m not sure what’s weirder, that I’ve found 2 of these in a week, or that I have reasons to search the site for things that led me to accidentally finding them.

  17. Matt S. says:

    When will Shunt McGuppin do a song titled ” I Left My Heart At 1234 Yorbin Drive”?

  18. SamsoniteTravelCoffins says:

    I also google image searched “Jeremy Carter” and got a picture of Hitler. I suppose that probably happens for most people though.

  19. Kat W. says:

    I am highly enjoying these easter eggs. Amazing.

  20. Rev. Leroy Jenkins says:

    Nothing like McMead to wash down those Saigon mud pies. God bless and good riddance.

  21. A Forward Thinker I Guess says:


  22. Jim C. says:

    So that happened…

  23. Rachel What says:

    Matthew, I will find you.

  24. Justin P. says:

    I’d hoped we could get through grace without inadvertant Satan worship.

  25. Maddie says:

    Tell your mom she gave birth to you in a real weird way

  26. Pobblebonk says:

    Go-Bots are better than Transformers

  27. Garrett Larsen says:

    Y’all are just a whole bunch of wonderfuls.

  28. Ted Maul says:

    I’m King Shit of Fuck Beach

  29. Mazman2 says:

    She does not love you Mike.

  30. Lou says:

    A pigeon gave me knifeshits and your daddy doesn’t know tits.

  31. Ceejay says:

    Made it

  32. GoodOlFDR says:

    My dog Lucy is a pussy faced bjordan weasel.

  33. n8tron says:

    What we need is a trampoline sidewalk, so when people jump out of the window it turns into something fun, and not something really gross. Glorps!

  34. Angelina says:

    Bloodied Merry Christmas

  35. nayrangnu says:

    Red roses and white wine,
    We’re gonna have a real adult time.
    I’m gonna make you wear his mustache.

  36. Rob III says:

    Sneezes: God’s little sins.

  37. Dave Clark says:

    Tow-cable armed! I’m gonna… trip this Death Star!

  38. Metal Greg says:

    Easter Egg.
    Hey, what’s good, boys? Wish I could afford all your shows!

  39. alex dale says:

    Boy, am I late to this party! It took me a while to figure out the spelling of “Yorbin”.

  40. Mikaël says:

    Great work out there today…

  41. Jake VanSickle says:

    Curly up top, flat-iron below!

  42. Walt Murray, PI says:

    Keep on truckin you truckers

  43. Corbin Blythe says:

    Greetings from September of 2016

  44. Olive Dewey Peters, Sr. says:

    Keep on fuckin you fuckers

  45. Little Dick Whitman says:

    Hey, you bunch ofs, I gots a question.

    In the promo at the end of this episode (3.5), there appears to be some kind of scaryface when the time code of the episode shows about 4:30 remaining. But I can’t ever get the pause to work precisely enough to look at the scaryface in greater detail. I would love it if Matt still monitors this space and could give me some more information. What is the image? Why did you hide it in the promo? Is it a protest against sex toys? Is it a joke about the Reverend?

    Until we speak again, I shall remain your humble and devoted servant,


  46. pox holiday says:

    Will you be a vessel?

  47. Joshua Fahey says:


  48. Stephen says:


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