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Heartlines with Mark Ripalapedes


DIAGNOSIS: Borderline Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Mark Ripalapedes helps the lovelorn of Los Angeles whisper sweet nothings across the airwaves of The Shore 104.4. (Where lovelorn = dipshits.)

2:8 / 2:11 / 2:13 / 3:1 / 3:3 / 3:10 / 5:1 / 6:2

SUPEREGO LIVE: November 16, 2018 • The Bell House NY

One Response to “Heartlines with Mark Ripalapedes”

  1. thadkew says:

    Long time caller, first time listener: I wonder if you could send out Neil Diamond’s “Heartlight” to my freshly murdered gay lover Phil and his freshly suicidal dog Jessie.
    Thanks and I’ll take your comments off the air.