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Shunt McGuppin

Shunt McGuppin

DIAGNOSIS: Antisocial Personality Disorder

Shunt McGuppin is an American firebrand. Country music hasn’t been the same since this gruff, uneducated sensation burst onto the Nashville scene. His hit, Alabaster Sweat, remained on the country charts for an unprecedented 7,010 weeks. In Shunt’s heyday, he was a multi-platinum, multi-instrumentalist, multi-wived marvel.

These days, Shunt is constantly trying to recapture his youth and past success. Despite near-crippling arthritis and multiple bankruptcies, he continues to pay for astronomically expensive studio time to record that elusive comeback-comeback album. He has seen it all and sung it more. Shunt McGuppin will belt his songs whether people like it or not — and they never will. He drinks to the point of never not drinking and lives with his dog Atherton in Toby Keith’s guesthouse.

EPISODES: 1:1 / 1:3 / 1:4 / 1:6 / 1:9 / 1:10 / 1:13 / 1:17 / 2:1 / 2:2 / 2:11 / 2:12 / 2:14 / 2:17 / 3:2 / 3:3 / 3:5 / 3:8 / 3:13 / 3:17 / 5:1 / 6:6

SUPEREGO LIVE: January 25, 2014 • SF Sketchfest / June 24, 2015 • The Bell House NY / November 11, 2017 • The Bell House NY / September 14, 2018 • London Podcast Festival / July 20, 2019 • The Bell House NY


4 Responses to “Shunt McGuppin”

  1. Horseless in Havana says:


    You may not remember me. I was an apprentice roadie (more of a loader and unloader) during your less-than-successful ’87 tour with Stryper. I’ll never forget when y’all came on stage together for the final encore of “Shitk@ckin Our Way into Heaven” followed by “Open Fist Slappin St Pete to Get the Hell Out”.

    Im writing regarding a roadie poker game that you joined in on while we were drivin to Paduka Kentucky for “Bacongeddon Fest”. You lost a considerable pot when you mistakenly thought that the yahtzee series known as a “small straight” applied to poker. When it came time to pay up, you asked that i cover for you and you’d do me a favor some day. Well that day is here. Any chance i can get an autographed photo of ya?

    Peace .n. Imigrant Ketchup,

    Your Biggest Fan….Jeff Mashke

  2. cry says:

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