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Trevor Lundgren

Trevor 2

DIAGNOSIS: Obsessive Personality Disorder

Trevor is a third year sophomore at Jefferson High School. He likes Spiderman 2. Trevor also likes Spiderman 3, but he really likes Spiderman 2. He’s looking forward to Spiderman 4, but again, he just really likes Spiderman 2. Don’t even get him started on Spiderman 1.

His obsession with Spiderman 2 has gone too far. He is now convinced that every film, regardless of release date, is a continuation of Spiderman 2. Trevor loves to trap anyone he can in a corner just to discuss the sociopolitical ramifications of Spiderman 2. He also reviews films for the Jefferson High Spartan.

EPISODES: 1:6 / 1:8 / 1:9 / 1:15 / 1:17 / 2:3 / 3:8

SUPEREGO LIVE: June 24, 2015 • The Bell House NY


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