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Acoustic Sex Fetus

EATER EGG #3 • Collect them all!

Look at you boy/girl genius, you’re back again! Your dectective skills are matched only by your good looks and mannish/womanly charms.

Please leave your name in the comments section/Wall of Pride and don’t forget to click on the photo of Kotch for a special phone conversation.

Acoustic Sex Fetus

31 Responses to “Acoustic Sex Fetus”

  1. Mel Payne says:

    Do you want to play tooth dominos?

  2. Brandon PeQueen says:

    Do you want to play…blaque foire?

  3. Jam Cider says:

    Please email lost thigh skin back to me please okay thank you bi. Love you, kisses.

  4. Nick Ludwig says:

    I would like to brave the dick labyrinth…

  5. I’d like the last piece of apple crumble, please.

  6. JimR says:

    Anyone know where I can get some black licorice?

  7. Margaret Cross says:

    I’m not sure what just happened, but I’m so glad it did.

  8. Joey Salsipuedes says:

    Moooon thoughts. Moooooooooooooooon thouuuuughts.

  9. Tokyodrifter says:

    You have charmed me! I’ll stay.

  10. dontknower says:

    I have stuck to my leg what’s called a praydettor.

  11. scrimshawcrooch says:

    i went to jewgle but i belive only prayers can help me now.

  12. A Forward Thinker I Guess says:

    Alive with the glory of pugs.

  13. mwm says:

    i locked myself out of my whalebone cage


  14. PenguinMafia says:

    Hold on, for just one second, I’m pressing this into an almond paste that I’ve made.

  15. Rachel What says:


  16. pharmer says:

    when I was your age I was 50

  17. Johnny Goodstench says:

    Please pray for the thoughts that I have because I don’t have the patience or interest to do it myself.

  18. Corey Smith says:

    Any more or any less is gonna seem like more or less.

  19. Conner says:

    Kotch Chico DeMayo

  20. Conner says:

    Kotch De Luce Chico DeMarco

  21. Adam says:

    do not listen to this at work…oh my god…

  22. Kris says:

    Unfiltered Marlboro Beefcake

  23. Bob G. says:

    Love you guys.

  24. Rachel Whitcombe says:

    Chip chip my little horse
    Chip chip again sir
    How many miles to Dublin Town?
    Four score and ten Sir.
    Chip chip my little horse.
    Chip chip again Sir.
    May I get there by candle light?
    You may and back again Sir.

  25. Angelina says:

    I honestly did not know there were this many different call-in prayer situations.

  26. Rob III says:

    I’m from New Zealand.

    (Actually, neeaaaaaaaaaiiiuuuooooo I’m not).

  27. Jake VanSickle says:

    Ohhhh nooooo… I’m having my pains… It’s gestating!

  28. Colleen McCandless says:

    Heart and Soul, rock’n’roll,
    Elbow smash up your butthole

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