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Paranoid Personality Disorder

Reverend Parsimony

Reverend Parsimony Pic

DIAGNOSIS: Paranoid Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Each Sunday, Reverend Parsimony wakes up with the dawn, runs a cold comb through his rich, cloud-white hair, and marches down to the local parish to proselytize to a handful of absolute sinners. Wherever he goes, he warns townsfolk of the dangers of perdition with an awkward turn of phrase and a slight stutter. His fear-based old testament preaching style is the basis of his many self-published religious pamphlets including God Sword, A Guide To Hell’s Hot Wallpapers, and Say Your Prayers and Pray your Stairs.


SUPEREGO LIVE: September 27, 2014 • LA Podfest / February 7, 2015 • SF Sketchfest

Viv Evenssen

Viv Evenssen Pic

DIAGNOSIS: Paranoid Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Vivian Evenssen’s mind roams a vast tangential landscape. She can’t/won’t pay attention to anything and please never ask her to do two tasks at once, remember any information, or listen ever. Viv currently resides on America’s roadways.


H.R. Giger

H.R. Giger Pic

DIAGNOSIS: Paranoid Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Legendary gothic artist H.R. Giger, famous for his design of the eponymous ‘Alien’ in Ridley Scott’s classic film, is a man of enormous talent and frequent night terrors. His illustration and sculptures have remained heavily influential in the science-fiction, cyberpunk, and nightmare-birthfetish genres. He loves being interviewed.

EPISODES: 3:5 / 3:6 / 3:7 / 3:8 / 3:10 / 4:3


SUPEREGO LIVE: January 17, 2015 • Riot LA / February 7, 2015 • SF Sketchfest / June 24, 2015 • The Bell House NY


NASA Mission Control

DIAGNOSIS: Paranoid Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: In the early days of NASA, decisions weren’t made with analytics and research; decisions were made with balls. Big, brass balls. It was a man’s world. A confusing, analog man’s world with pictures of naked ladies scotch-taped to the mainframes, where supervisors were your drinking buddies, and no one cared if you came into work smelling like a Las Vegas peepbooth. As long as you did your job and got those birds in the sky, no one ever said word one. Some say that these halcyon days of cigarettes and satellites are long gone, but research shows that these space-cowboys are still mounting up and riding high.

EPISODES: 2:15 / 2:17 / 3:3

Dwight Loomis

Dwight Loomis Pic

DIAGNOSIS: Paranoid Personality Disorder

Dwight Loomis is the Chief President Officer of TownCorp Amalgamated Synthetics. He has 3 prosthetic limbs and 2 glass eyeballs. Poor, poor Samuelson.

EPISODES: 1:2 / 1:5 / 1:9 / 4:3