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Eleanor of Aquitaine and Her Friendly Sack of Pain

EASTER EGG #13 • Collect them all!

Welcome to the Season 4 easter egg hunt!

You’re one for one. Batting a thousand. Doing a Belgian half-squirt.

Now you’ve earned the right to watch an old, hidden video of Trevor Lundeggard at the first ever Superego Live! show. Have you seen Spidermin 2?

10 Responses to “Eleanor of Aquitaine and Her Friendly Sack of Pain”

  1. Season 4 is gonna be a lesioned whore!
    Thanks boys.

  2. Little Dick Whitman says:

    Season 4 gives me some good times in my down-belows. So glad the Easter Eggs have returned!

  3. Spunky Foonerism says:

    I love Easter eggs, but why are they so hard to find!? If he knew it was going to end up causing me so much trouble, why did Jesus even resurrect in the first place?

  4. Austin Tasseltine says:

    I have a timeshare in Fuck Beach.

    Me and the wives vacare there every June 3-5 and get titular.

  5. Tokyo Drifter says:

    PFT is the chocolate in the Superego peanut butter. DELICIOUS!

  6. dagny says:

    oh. oh. there it is.

  7. Michael says:

    I finally found it! The legends where true.

  8. Margaret says:


  9. Ceejay says:


  10. Angelina says:

    Love the popped collars!

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