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Green Beraby

EASTER EGG #17 • Collect them all!

Congratulations once again, for digging deep and seeing what most people don’t. If this is your first Easter egg, you have 16 others to hunt down. One per episode, going all the way back to 3:3.

The gallery you see above was the intended version of the Season 4 photoshoot before we realized we couldn’t use it many places. Click through the pics to see the hardcore, street-wise, F-bomb version.

Feel it/fear it.

And make sure to leave your name and bragging rights in the comments below.

8 Responses to “Green Beraby”

  1. Don Dimelo says:

    Bring out the girls!

  2. Angelina says:


  3. Jennifer says:

    Reporting for cutie!!

  4. Little Dick Whitman says:

    Love it or leave it, horsedick!

  5. Tokyo Drifter says:

    The reverend gives me the heebie jeebies!

  6. Michael C says:

    Finally. This one took way longer than it should have to find.

  7. Hey!ReallyJulia says:

    Closing time….

  8. Grampa Choko says:

    Hate to see you go. But I love to watch you leave. I’m a woman.

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