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Imogene Kanouse

Imogene Kanouse

DIAGNOSIS: Delusional Personality Disorder

Imogene Kanouse is a can-do, can-of-whoop-ass. As title-holder to both the 2004 Ms. Wheel-Chopper Contest and the 1986 Virginia Slim Smoke-Off, Imogene is the embodiment of the American Spirit. She maintains an active social life and enjoys dining out with men named anyone. Ms. Kanouse teaches a popular ‘Wheelercize’ class at the Canoga Park YWCA and loves to play strip chess. Her physical limitations may be considerable, but her drive is unstoppable. Calling her a flirt is an insult to flirts everywhere. In her very own words, ‘forward facing eyes are for predators,’ and Imogene’s eyes are forever facing forward, tunneled in their vision, like a lioness stalking her unwitting prey. She is the merry huntress.

EPISODES: 1:2 / 1:3 / 1:5 / 1:8 / 1:9 / 1:13 / 1:17 / 2:1 / 2:12 / 3:1

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