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Leffingwell Specials

EASTER EGG #9 • Collect them all!

You were hunting for bargains by e-mailing Eddie The Wood Faced Guy, but you got some unexpected savings. Fuck it, there’s nothing funny about coupons and I’m having trouble writing jokes. The point is that you found another one of our Easter Eggs!

As your reward, here is a sneak peek at a video we’ve been keeping under lock and key. Pete Balch called a televangelist and is quickly ignored by them, as you’ll see when you click on the image below. As far as they know, Pete is a real guy.

Please leave your name in the comment section/wall of pride and allow your name to live on in discounted glory. Coupon jokes are the worst.

Leffingwell Specials

9 Responses to “Leffingwell Specials”

  1. Logan F says:

    It’s good to hear Pete laugh again.

  2. whizbo says:

    Oh my ribs.

  3. Tokyo drifter says:

    I (heart) Pete!

  4. Brandon PeQueen says:

    A cream sport coat with a white Hanes tee underneath? That is a bold choice, my friend. A BOLD choice.

  5. Spooks McPoops says:

    Hope he was whole after that.
    Or in the band Hole.
    Or at least had access to Courtney Love’s sweat glands.

  6. tadaforever says:

    bringing donuts to the sausage party

  7. Phaedrus Bùxiu says:

    You can’t spell symphony without phony.
    You can’t spell platypus without pussy… oh wait yeah you can.
    You can’t spell organic without gmo… oh nevermind, I’m thinking of origami.

    When I would dream at night everything would be oddly blurry. So the following night I tried wearing my glasses to sleep, and sure enough: when I woke up they were broken.

  8. Ceejay says:

    No more I can’t take it

  9. Angelina says:


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