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Mentalist Holmes

EASTER EGG #5 • Collect them all!

Good detective work Mentalist Holmes. Now leave your name in the comments section/Wall of Pride and enjoy a special treat by clicking on the picture below.

If you are the type of person that enjoys finding these easter eggs, then you are probably also the type of person who is interested in how the comedy sausage gets made. Here is eleven minutes of raw improvised audio, completely unedited and untouched. This one from March of 2010 never made it to air. For better or for worse.

mentalist holmes crooch

49 Responses to “Mentalist Holmes”

  1. Sam says:


  2. Kathryn L Green says:

    Kate Green. Long time fan, first time commenter.

  3. Branko says:


  4. Racquet Breath says:

    I’m transporting monsters.

  5. Grahm says:

    Thank you, Superego, for numbing the pain.

  6. dagny says:


  7. Tokyo Drifter says:

    Wanna play bloody knuckles?

  8. Reid says:

    I feel like a winner.

  9. scrimshawcrooch says:

    my dad was a Train

  10. Graham says:

    Graham Simpson

  11. Margaret Cross says:

    I’m so glad I was hypnotized by normally adorable Andy Daly re-imagined as Mr Creosote.

  12. Matt Rock says:

    Matt Rock, who can’t believe this is a thing he actually could have searched at work. ‘Crooch’ just sounds dirty.

  13. Bunk Rogers says:

    Seymour Dongs!

  14. mwn says:

    Easter egg no. _5_? Well bend me over a table and ruin me for marriage, I have some hunting to do!

  15. Mmmm…extra comedy beefiness.

  16. Jason Wilcox says:

    Who’s the detective now, boom!

  17. Ricky says:

    I’m a woman!

  18. HueyAndApplesauce says:

    Joyously weeping at your quality.

  19. Cliff says:

    I found it!

  20. Brian says:

    I can imagine there’s been a murder.

  21. John Michael Montgomery says:

    This is wonderful. I swear!

  22. Jonathan says:

    What a glorious slow motion train wreck on an airplane with a lido deck, Ricky!

  23. Sean says:

    Your Name

  24. Mike S. says:

    Hooray! Love the show.

  25. Joel Svensson says:


  26. David says:

    Found it! I feel more human now.

  27. Rachel What says:

    I love sausage!

  28. lain of the wired says:

    I do things podcasts tell me!

  29. flipyjoe says:

    cool cool cool

  30. KayR says:

    Bingout! I’ve got a touch of the bingout.

  31. Dirk Sandblast says:

    Dong Saucenozzle, Esq.

  32. Shlappyguy says:

    Poof! Here I am.

  33. Dan B says:

    Awesome! I’ve found two so far!

  34. Michael says:

    Check off 5 on to 6.

  35. hedgehog90 says:

    I love this podcast!

  36. Mikeythaniel McGillicuddy says:

    My name’s Phaedrus and I’m the assistant Coachella over at a personality disorder clinic that specializes in sado-mannequinism.

  37. Christopher Jarrett says:

    Am I late? What did I miss?

  38. Jono Lacy says:

    GRINGO!… You look like a gringo.

  39. Angelina says:

    I could use a lime right now, Ricky.

  40. Austin says:

    Well fuck a goddamn I’m late to the game

  41. alex dale says:

    I should be working but instead I’m googling mentalist Holmes.

  42. Stefan aus Hamburg says:

    “Ich bin eine Frau!”

    Ihr macht Podcasts wie Gott es gewollt hätte. Hört niemals auf. Ich liebe es, wenn Matt Deutsch spricht.

  43. Ha, I’ve probably listened to the Heartland Flyer sketch more than a dozen times over the past five years, only now did I spot the clue.

  44. Jake says:

    *Poof* (((Mentalist Holmes)))

  45. Charlie says:

    Really? Six years? Don’t know how I haven’t spotted this with a single many times a season I’ve listened. “It’s hard to know what you’re thinking about though, isn’t it?”

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