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Nagasaki Sanchez Challenge

EASTER EGG #11 • Collect them all!

Get ready to gnaw on some wasabi bison jerky, Kemosabe. You’ve sniffed out another Easter Egg. This time, you’re getting an audio ad we did for our first sponsor, Top Pots. The owner never gave us any rules for making the ad so we never had any to break. I’m sure this was the most successful ad campaign in Australian WWII replica uniform business history. Enjoy.

Nagasaki Sanchez

4 Responses to “Nagasaki Sanchez Challenge”

  1. tada.forever says:


  2. abrandonship says:


  3. Sweet angel from sex mountain says:

    Hey I’m back… fuck, I never left!

  4. Angelina says:

    Pliny the El-oh-elder.

    …I’m running on comment fumes and this is only 11 out of counting-backwards-to-one.

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