Improvised & Analyzed

Non-Flammable Tingle Jelly


EASTER EGG #15 • Collect them all!

The Season 4 easter egg hunt is here just in time for Christmas!

What are you doing in my room, perv? I’m slathered up in non-flammable tingle jelly, just waiting for a slip around with my government-assigned love kit.

Well, since you’re in here, could you check me for chaunch abrasions and listen to this little gem we unearthed? I have to go jump off the high dive into a mud swamp on fire.

Jeremy envisioned a strange James Bond musical interlude for a fictional film set in Asia, sang it into his phone, and Jimmy Blades slapped some musical lacquer on to this slightly racist tune, set in 007’s Hong Kong or some such shit. You know what, let’s not analyze it too much. Just sign your name in the comments section and enjoy.

Click where a play button should be to the left of the 00:00 in the black bar below. Just click. You’ll be fine.

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