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Superego: Episode 1:11


SPECIAL GUESTS: Chris Tallman from Reno 911! and Chocolate News, Jeff Davis from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Erinn Hayes from Worst Week and Children’s Hospital, and Derek Mears from Friday The 13th.

CASE STUDIES: Kel and Trask of Ultraforce and Vyvyan Pageturner and his manservant Cyril of Pageturner Presents.

RELEASE DATE: January 1, 2007


10 Responses to “Superego: Episode 1:11”

  1. Willis says:

    I can not get this to play! I’ve purchased the first season, it should just come with the package.

  2. Matt says:

    Wait for it to load. It takes a while because it’s a very large file. The you can right-click the arrow on the player and download the file. You will obviously need Quicktime.

  3. Willis says:

    I’m famous!

  4. cambalm says:

    Dear SuperEgrets, is this file still up? I’ve been trying to load it for a while. Have just purchased season 1 and, like souvenir teaspoons, I need more! Thanks. Cambalm

  5. Matt says:

    This is something we’ll be working on. Please check back! Are you using IE? If so, that’s the problem.

  6. Sexy buttflaps says:

    I still can’t get this to download – it says I need quicktime pro. Can you just put a link to the file somewhere for this and 1:12?

  7. meltmaster Z says:

    i have purchased season 1 and would like these extra episodes as I am a terminal obsessive. Can you put a link up for download? Cheers.

  8. Chazwozzers says:

    Just purchased the season and am having trouble downloading this episode. Am I do something wrong? Is the episode still up? Please help me Superego!

  9. Rich says:

    Hope the guys don’t mind but a simple “view source code” is pointing to the file

    Hope that helps all you other SuperEgo lovers

  10. Matt says:

    That does help! We’ve always had trouble making this file show up. Change 11 to 12 and you can have the other one too.

    Thanks Rich.