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Superego: Episode 3:4



SPECIAL GUESTS: Paul F. Tompkins from The Pod F. Tompkast, Andy Daly from Eastbound and Down, Patton Oswalt from Big Fan, Julie Klausner from Best Week Ever, Chris Tallman from Reno 911!, Mike Rock from Chelsea Lately, and Andy Goldblatt from Jeff Crocker’s heart.

CASE STUDIES: Rodney Morelli’s International Cloud Registry, Don Dimello with John C. Reilly and Nick Nolte, Smithsonian Audio Tours, Father Aldini, and The Treasure Island Preschool Parent’s Association.

RELEASE DATE: June 1, 2011

4 Responses to “Superego: Episode 3:4”

  1. Scott Riggi says:

    What an ensemble of talent! This stands up with the best of any of the Firesign Theater or National Lampoon Radio shows from the 70’s! Thank you Julie Klausner for spreading the word!

  2. Thud Paulson says:

    I like the priest one. Just kidding! Or am I?
    Thumbs way up!

  3. Flip-a-Baby says:

    One of my faves. Love that priest!

  4. Spencer BoJangles the Bojangler says:

    Oh God, oh God, the priest! My pants, they need to be changed, so much piss has soaked them! Good God, Good God!

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