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Superego: Episode 3:5



SPECIAL GUESTS: John Hodgman from The Daily Show, Paul F. Tompkins from The Pod F. Tompkast, Andy Daly from Eastbound and Down, Erinn Hayes from Childrens Hospital, Julie Klausner from Best Week Ever, and Mike Rock from Chelsea Lately.

CASE STUDIES: The Lavergne Family Dinner, Guillermo Lee, Shunt McGuppin with Starlie Pearls, H.R. Giger, Hoyt Runyun’s Van Buren Middle School, and The Cobblefax Abbey Busalong Ghost Tour.

RELEASE DATE: July 1, 2011

12 Responses to “Superego: Episode 3:5”

  1. Andy says:

    Your comedy makes my month. So damn funny! Thank you.

  2. DenverChad says:

    Tremendous episode. The Dinner, HR Giger, and the Ghost Tour were my favorites. I listen to all the comedy podcasts and Superego is by far my favorite. Please never stop.

  3. capitalG says:

    I almost wrecked I was laughing so damn hard!!!

  4. capitalG says:

    They were connected with piano wire…lol Holy s**t this is sooo damn funny

  5. Bpiddy says:

    Great show! What the hell video game is that background music from in the Hoyt Runyon bit? Driving me crazy!!

  6. Dowel Falconer says:

    can’t wait to share this episode on my facebook. just waiting for my stool sample to clear linksalpha…
    have fun sifting.

  7. Bpiddy: the music is from Starfox for the SNES.

  8. Bpiddy says:

    Thanks man

  9. Ben says:

    Hey, whats the name of the show at the start of the Hoyt Runyun sketch? I can never catch it. Love the podcast guys!

  10. Matt says:

    Why, that’s the 1982 hit CBS television show, ‘Gospel John and the Lesbian Man.’

  11. Ben says:

    Thanks Matt!

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