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Reverend Leroy Jenkins

Leroy Jenkins Pic

DIAGNOSIS: Schizotypal Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: The venerable Reverend Leroy Jenkins is a salt-of-the-Earth faith healer, pillar of the community, and convicted arsonist. Whether you attend one of his 1/3 capacity tent-revivals or watch his channel 1,439 televangelism program, you will receive copious blessings and a vial of his own personal ‘Miracle Water.’ But as crafty as he may think he is, Reverend Jenkins is almost immediately in over his head in nearly every situation.

Every Sunday, Reverend Jenkins’s revivals reveal a new breed of sucker, from the marginally functional, to the drooling idiot; some so mind-numbingly dense, that their lack of logic somehow outwits even the master huckster himself. Meet Mercy Talmachoff, the she-woman with an iron cervix; Keebler Youngblood, the deaf, dumb, and blind kid with a heart of coal; and Connie, the bifurcated tongued zealot dressed only in an XXL Tasmanian Devil T-shirt.

EPISODES: 2:3 / 2:5 / 2:10 / 3:7 / 3:14 / 3:17 / 4:4 / 5:4

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31 Responses to “Reverend Leroy Jenkins”

  1. Born Again says:

    It sure seems like Leroy feeds off uneducated,poor,and vulnerable people.He is as real as the hair on his head!!!

  2. Pens says:

    You left out the part about him running into the room ruining his team’s plan and getting them all killed

  3. Emanuel says:

    Well, he will pay for his actions someday. Nobody escapes it.

  4. Dan H says:

    Mickey Rourke looks TERRIBLE in that photo…

  5. Devotee says:

    You shouldn’t talk about someone you don’t know. He will tell you what for.. He is the only preacher worth seeingbin this day and age. He can tell you things only you and God could know. Test him and you will beg for forgiveness.

  6. Devotee says:

    Whoever is in charge of this website is in serious trouble for there viewpoints. Thou shalt not lie on a prophet of the Lord

  7. Senor Stomp says:

    Devotee is really Leroy.

  8. BELIEVER says:


  9. PraiseHisName says:

    Leroy Jenkins blessed my business and I haven’t peed straight since.

  10. Ben Dover says:

    Well played, Emanuel. Well Played indeed.

  11. Rodney Arnett says:

    The proof is in the pudding. ..His life speaks for itself.

  12. Brenda Jones says:

    Judge not least ye be judged. The devil will always try to destroy. God has already won the evil fight and those who choose to go the devils road with there lying tongues will face God on judgement day. Leroy Jenkins is a man of God nothing you can say will ever destroy what he has done for God and Gods people.

  13. Christine Johsnon says:

    Funny, how the supernatural POWER of God always shows up at his meetings! Does the POWER show up through your hands? Rev. Jenkins knows WHAT body part hurts, HOW long they’ve had it and WHERE in the body it is — and never met them before. What about you? Have you (at least) gone to visit someone in the hospital today?

  14. Rickey Newbill says:

    Touch not mine anointed do my prophets no harm psals105: verse 15


  15. Edgar S says:

    It is sad that the children of the Devil, is not happy with what they are able to get away with in America. . So they come out looking to pick on the very best that God has out here fighting for Christians. I’ve known of Leroy now for 40 yrs.and I’ve been to many of his events around America. I feel sorry for the man that speak evil of him. Ur the same as talking directly to the face of our Lord. Jesus himself. I’d watch my steps if I were you.

  16. reasonbomb says:

    ” Leroy Jenkins is a man of God nothing you can say will ever destroy what he has done for God and Gods people.”

    Like what?

  17. Andy says:

    This is all unbelievably hilarious. It is a real bummer those people are being conned by some evangelical preacher. Makes for some pretty hilarious Superego though.

  18. LEROY JENKINS is a true MAN OF GOD. I’m ALIVE TODAY because of this GREAT MAN. He diagnosed my prostate cancer in an airport bathroom, and then proceeded to HEAL ME IN THE NAME OF JESUS with his throbbing God Rod. PRAISE HIM! The Superego Clinic shall burn in the fires of HELL for eternity for their slight.

  19. DidUmeanProfit? says:

    Maybe you guys could all get together and pray for a sense of humor? I’m not sure which part of the body the Rev would need to touch to make that happen, but I’m sure it’s in the bible somewhere.

  20. Superego is doing the work of the Lord. Keep us laughing, guys.
    Rev. John
    (ULC, FSM, Bob)

  21. Rev. Han M'boogie says:

    Repent all yee who speak ill of the holy and powerful Reverend Leroy Jenkins, for it is he who shall truly lead this great Christian nation of ours into the holy land on the heads of the serpents who dare blaspheme our dear reverend. Before I met Rev. Jenkins I was just a real sack of man who slipped and slapped his way through life. I fell on tough times after I sold my last toe in a bid to keep the bank from foreclosing on my frozen yogurt establishment. In a moment of weakness, I turned to juggling for nickles on the boardwalk and gave foot rubs for sandwiches by the side of the turnpike. It was that one faithful day that I told the media that my son was inside a weather balloon that I had set a drift, all the while knowing that he was safe at home in our attic, that I knew I had hit rock bottom.

    Upon meeting Rev. Jenkins that very night in a Denny’s parking lot, he told me that it is only through the Lord and through the healing power of a Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast that I could truly know the Lord our God Jesus Christ Almightly Creator of Heavens and Earth. 18 pancakes and what I’m told is a gallon of maple syrup later, I knew what it felt like to be held in God’s loving embrace and as I vomited up those pancakes and those syrups on the way back to my GMC van, I new that the Holy Spirit had filled the hole inside me left by years of listening to podcasts.

    I will pray for all of yee in my nightly confessions for you all in your time of need.


    Rev. Han M’boogie
    D.D.S. Esq. D.B.A The RAND Corporation

  22. David says:

    What about the long rumors that he is homosexual. I saw him a few times as a youngster and he was always closely surrounded by an entourage of young handsome guys who looked kinda gay. Never saw him with a woman. Nothing wrong with being gay, just don’t point the finger at others when you’re doing the same thing.

  23. Sherry Perez says:

    I remember Mr.Jenkins. my mother bought one of his Jaguars because one of his children was in jail for stealing jewelry from some of his followers
    The man makes a mockery of religion. Even while he was in prison he convinced people to send him money. He always said you can get all the money you want if you tell the people what they want to hear. I would not want to see him, hear him and I would never send him one red cent. God is the answer not a thief in Pastors clothing.

  24. Marcie Chittenden says:

    I don’t know whether he is a sinner or not
    but I know what I witnessed with my own
    eyes under his ministry.
    My sister was instantly healed of scoliosis
    after he prayed for her. A lady, who we gave
    rides to his tent meetings, three up the cancer
    she had, and was instantly healed of the
    ugliest case of varicose veins I have ever
    seen !
    People forget that Jesus lives and still heals
    people, and he uses those who put their trust
    in him.

  25. Thomas Benton says:

    Beware of this so called prophet, Went to his latest “crusade” and it was a disaster! Think twice before you make a large donation or any money. He might have been ok at one time, but he talks crazy now. He sends out form letters to get your money, and prophesizes healings and money coming in. He doesn’t have any wisdom or education. If he is a true man of God, we would know it.

  26. Bulbous Bouffant says:

    Has he ever made a stop at God’s Crazy Monsters? Did he park at the Sunoco if he did? Major disqualifier, straight to hell.

  27. Justin says:

    I met the reverend when I was hunch drunk on a bottle of Kentucky Apple Squeeze, and I’ll tell you the what for–he blessed my business.

  28. SandyR says:

    Many years ago in the mid-70s my mother was obsessed with him and gave him a lot of money– he even called her collect from jail and asked her to bail him out!!
    I suppose she didn’t know any better–as she was mentally ill–schizophrenia–and back then she believed anything and anyone– he’s as fake as hell– including the miracle water that he gets from his tap at home!!

  29. OneWhoKnows says:

    Leroy lived the good life. He came from a dirt poor family on stockman street in greenwood sc. He was born in Fort Mill, SC. He learned how to make money long before meeting Reverend A.A. Allen after cutting his arm from a falling broken piece of plate glass window. Leroy not having even an elementary grade school education was blessed with a double portion of common sense. I remember in the early 1960’s while Leroy was still in his twenties owning the tallest hotel in Daytona beach Florida. At the top of the twenty floor hotel was the hotel name if flashing lights. It said “Leroy Jenkins Palace Inn. Leroy made his untold millions not from ignorant people duped out of their money. Rather, he made it from the wealthy who out of love for him left their treasure in his name. Believe it or not! Leroy loved to hold his crusades because he loved people to love him, and they did in abundance. Say what you will about this man but remember that when you point your finger you have four more pointed back at yourself!

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  31. Reno 1946 says:

    Leroy was a great Con-man. He admitted to me on a radio show that he had indeed committed fornication as a “Minister.” I had occasion to talk to him a couple of times and he was always with some very odd looking people. While in the office in Deleware , I was talking to Ms Buckingham there were two teenage girls that reminded me of the banjo kid in Deliverance. Just staring with lollipops in their mouths. Very weird. I talked to a Cop doing security work at the Deleware church. He told me about a guy hitch hiking that he picked up. The guy said he briefly worked for Leroy but had to leave because he was tired of the sexual advancements. Leroy’s church is the only church in the world that had pictures of Elvis & May West in the lobby. How strange is that?