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  1. Lori says:

    If you can prove you have not ever had plastic surgery Reverend Leroy,… then I will ask forgiveness for assuming you are an extremely false man trying to lead people for your own monetary gain with no real spiritual maturity of your own. You are not a prophet, as they do not feel the need to acquire monetary possessions, nor do they feel a need to feed their ego’s by altering their God given physical nature. You are simply ,…. a man. Created by God who has the highest hopes for your soul. God who watches you each and every day and knows the darkest and brightest sides of your spirit inside and out. Though I know this will never reach you,…….on your death bed (which I am certain is not too far away,.. you look old enough that it could happen at any moment) you will not be able to take back or change your life here on earth,… it will be at it’s end,… Even though you anger me for misleading innocent souls,.. I pray for you. You must be extremely hurt and lost inside to do this to the multitudes of God’s beauteous children. I do hope someone passes this one to you however. I really do. Love always,… another soul that God created besides you. 🙂

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