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Smoochdown ’97

EASTER EGG #6 • Collect them all!

You made it to Smoochdown ’97! Purse your lips and smack some on the one you love. Also, leave your name in the comments section/wall of pride/shame.

Here is a wonderfully sweet and gentle rendition of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer by Shunt McGuppin or Jeremy Carter – we couldn’t tell which it was at the time.

smoochdown '97

26 Responses to “Smoochdown ’97”

  1. Jason says:


  2. Matt says:

    You’re early! I haven’t even put up the treat!

  3. Englewok Butterbed says:


  4. Grahm says:


  5. Taylor says:

    Damnit, and now I have to look for the others.

  6. Branko says:

    Well alright now.

  7. dagny says:


  8. Brandon PeQueen says:

    From now on our troubles will be out of spite.

  9. Tokyo Drifter says:

    Merry Christmas, doctors…. in bed!

  10. Chipvd says:

    Yeah! Inside track. Soak it in. Reset.

  11. Jonathan says:

    Oh, we’re rolling. What am I doing!?!

  12. Nothing makes me want to make an improv podcast like this.
    I need to find other easter eggs ANNNND I need more giger.

  13. Margaret says:

    The Kotch/Ripalapedes confrontation was my favorite thing that has ever happened…then H.R. said “Twas the Night…”, and I knew for certain that there really is a Sinterklaas. And now, you bless us with the gift of Shunt. Enjoy your Holidaytimes, Doctors! Watch out for Krampus!

  14. Bastien says:

    Merr kizmiz!

  15. Mooseman says:

    Too many mill people.

  16. Sir Cherrington says:

    That fucker’s on fire!

  17. abobymous says:

    Thanks for the gift every month, friend.

  18. Rachel What says:

    Shunt write me a song called, “Mentally Insane Heart”.

  19. lain of the wired says:

    Where *does* one find full-grown chicken nog?

  20. El Hunter says:

    I’m someone’s mom.

  21. Kissy Kisserton says:


  22. Jason says:

    Thank goodness for a QR code reader; that was hilarious!

  23. Ceejay says:

    So happy

  24. Angelina says:

    Note to self: come back for this one in 4 months.

  25. suba suba says:

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