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Superego Cinema: Spider-man 2


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COMMENTARY BY: Spider-man 2 Superfan Trevor Lundenhelmer, and his schoolmates Caleb and Kent.

WITH: Dr. Mark McConville, Dr. Jeremy Carter, and Dr. Matt Gourley.

NOTE: This commentary was done with the original version of The theatrical release of Spider-man 2 but can still play along nicely with the other special editions and various abominations.

RELEASE DATE: September 1, 2016

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  1. t says:

    I saw Spiderman 2. Spiderman was looking for pelts and got mauled by a bear, and then Spiderman 2’s friends killed his son and left him for dead in the woods, and then Spiderman 2 went on a revenge quest through the wilderness. Dr. Octopus is in it.

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