Improvised & Analyzed

General Zod

(With guest voices Patton Oswalt and Chris Tallman)

[audio:|titles=General Zod 1]

Diagnosis • Narcissistic Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Why commit planetary genocide? Because it’s there, that’s why. General Zod is the megalomaniac’s megalomaniac. Cunning and powerful, he spits in the face of Kryptonian law and decorum. He is the very embodiment of the galactic Superego. Zod also hand-crafts his own patent-leather tunics. *

Episode Concepts: Together with his publicly appointed defender, Lēg-El, General Zod will face trial after tribulation in Kryptonian courts, the waste moon of Wegthor, and even the dreaded Phantom Zone. Perhaps we will see him face off against his arch-nemesis, Superman! But more likely we will see him force himself ahead of an old lady in a gas station bathroom line. General Zod, what a tit.


One Response to “General Zod”

  1. Grahm says:

    This is my most favorite skit ever. I go back and forth between wanting more and just wanting it to remain a unique snowflake in the SuperEgo Blizzard.

    Is there a comedy podcast award show? Chris Tallman needs whatever the equivalent of an Oscar is for this skit. He can put it next to all the Timebelt Emmys he won in the version of TV that exists in my head.