Improvised & Analyzed

General Zod

DIAGNOSIS: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Why commit planetary genocide? Because it’s there, that’s why. General Zod is the megalomaniac’s megalomaniac. Cunning and powerful, he spits in the face of Kryptonian law and decorum. He is the very embodiment of the galactic Superego. Together with his publicly appointed defender, Leg-El, General Zod has faced trial after tribulation in Kryptonian courts, the waste moon of Wegthor, and even the dreaded Phantom Zone. Will he face off against his arch-nemesis, Superman? Or will he instead force himself ahead of an old lady in a gas station bathroom line? The latter, probably. General Zod, what a tit. He also hand-crafts his own patent-leather tunics.*


EPISODES: 3:3 / 3:8

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