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Alianca Home Renovation Project

DIAGNOSIS: Delusional Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Fred and Judy Alianca have always dreamed of a comfy and spacious home for unwinding after a long day. Those dreams are becoming a reality through some innovative thinking, some sweat equity, and some heartbreaking compromises. In the end, their modest three bedroom, two bathroom ranch-style home will be reimagined into a half bedroom, five bathroom split-level haunted house with an indoor-outdoor element and some real curb appeal.


Superego: Episode: 6:2


SPECIAL GUESTS: Jean Villepique from A.P. Bio, Carl Tart from Comedy Bang! Bang!, Mary Sohn from A.P. Bio, and Amanda Lund.

CASE STUDIES: Big Chunky Bubbles, Survival Tribal Council, Alianca Home Renovation Project, and Heartlines on the Shore.

RELEASE DATE: January 15th, 2020