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Mustang and Rooster Boy


DIAGNOSIS: Schizotypal Personality Disorder

Mustang and Rooster Boy have been keeping the south safe from the evils of Earl Bucket for over 30 years. Legends, heroes, two-steppers.


Delaware Burgess

Delaware Burgess 1

DIAGNOSIS: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Delaware Beauregard Burgess was born in Voorhees, NJ in 1948. The only son of disabled working class parents, Del observed at an early age, “I cannot entertain the capricious life of cap guns and hockey skates when there’s a hole in the roof and Dad’s lousy with the polio.” Del continued to toil and eventually put himself through the prestigious Columbia School of Broadcasting*. After completing numerous other university requirements, Del found himself a budding author and broadcast journalist. His books Charge of the Right Brigade and Quiet, I’m Talking have been national-regional best sellers as well as no. 1 on the New York Post Out This Week List. Del Burgess currently resides in Republican City, NE with his chocolate lab, Goldwater and an impressive collection of Hummel figurines.


*A department of the Vincent Columbino Trenton Technical Institution.