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Superego: Episode 3:2



SPECIAL GUESTS: Paul F. Tompkins from The Informant!, Mark Gagliardi from Drunk History, James Urbaniak from The Venture Brothers, Twitter Phenom Rob Delaney, Joe Randazzo editor of The Onion, and James Bladon as David Bowie’s Piano Talent.

CASE STUDIES: Smithsonian Audio Tours, Shunt McGuppin with David Bowie, Fremont City Council, Pete Balch, and Captain Ron Lindsay.

RELEASE DATE: April 1, 2011

Joe Randazzo

EPISODES: 3:1 / Heartlines 104.4 callers Leviacom VP Bob Chambers and Serial Killer ‘The Ear Man’ • 3:2 / Pete Balch customer Paul Nguyen.

Superego: Episode 3:1



SPECIAL GUESTS: Paul F. Tompkins from Best Week Ever, Tom Scharpling from The Best Show on WMFU, Joe Randazzo editor of The Onion, and Twitter Phenom Rob Delaney.

CASE STUDIES: The Orchard Glen High School Faculty, Imogene Kanouse, FDR, Heartlines on the Shore 104.4, Colby Toboggan, and Kenny Gottlieb.

RELEASE DATE: March 1, 2011

Pete Balch

Pete Balch

DIAGNOSIS: Dependent Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Poor Pete Balch. Recently widowed when his wife died years ago, he sought to ease his loneliness by opening the Let’s Call It A Draw Trophy Shoppe; a store where you can buy such trophies as ‘Second Place in Facial Recognition,’ ‘Car Wash of the Decade,’ and ‘Best Vein.’ His wife recently died and also his wife died recently.

Pete Balch is the Hotel California of men: you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. His store is the kind of business that somehow stays open year in, year out, despite Balch’s complete inability to complete a simple transaction. The tedium of listening to him go on about his dead wife is overpowered only by the guilt you’d have in telling him to, ‘please for the love of all things big and small, shut your hole.’

Balch subjects his customers to unwanted lunch dates, stories of wars he wasn’t in, and descriptions of things that look swollen to him. Anyone who will listen is going to get more than an earful. He pushes the boundaries of the customer-salesman relationship at the expense of ever selling a single trophy.

EPISODES: 2:9 / 2:12 / 2:15 / 2:17 / 3:2

Heartlines with Mark Ripalapedes


DIAGNOSIS: Borderline Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Mark Ripalapedes helps the lovelorn of Los Angeles whisper sweet nothings across the airwaves of The Shore 104.4. (Where lovelorn = dipshits.)

2:8 / 2:11 / 2:13 / 3:1 / 3:3 / 3:10 / 5:1 / 6:2

SUPEREGO LIVE: November 16, 2018 • The Bell House NY