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Bruce And Ed with Kit, Klaus, And Xiong

Bruce, Ed, Kit, Klaus & Xiong

DIAGNOSIS: Dependent Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Bruce ‘The Throat’ Hume and Ed ‘The Inflection’ Olivas are proud to be joined by Kit ‘The Lullaby’ Le Fevre, Klause ‘The Glottis’ Hergesheimer, and Xiong ‘The Diphthong’ Wong for this very special endtimes commercial.


Mark Gagliardi

Mark Gagliardi

EPISODES: 2:11 / Heartlines Caller Bruce Jenner, Nathan The Silverback Gorilla Question Askers Noel From Murietta and Gene Moonjean Jr., and Kit ‘The Lullaby’ Le Fevre.2:12 / Golden Dusk Assisted Living Bingo Club Player Dahlia Gless • 3:2 / Smithsonian Audio Tour Guide James Stulch • 3:6 / Golden Dusk Assisted Living Bingo Club Players Dahlia Gless and Gerry Beltran • 3:13 / The Leffingwell Grocers Worker Conrad Multh

SUPEREGO: BEHIND THE BONUS: SEASON 2: PART 1 / Brownriver Township Survivor Tim Chorpe