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Milton and Dupree


DIAGNOSIS: Dependent Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Cousins Vance Milton and Abelarde Dupree began performing the vaudeville circuit at the tender age of three months. Raised in a show business family, Milton & Dupree utilized their keen talents and canny showmanship to win over audiences all throughout the country. After selling out shows on the popular Orpheum Circuit, Milton & Dupree took time out to record the first ever comedy album, and their masterpiece: Milton, Dupree & Senator Elect James D. Phelan Makes Three. Their career ended tragically when Milton, intoxicated on Jamaican root extract burned Dupree to death with an industrial iron. It was Dupree’s demise and Milton’s subsequent incarceration that signaled the fall of the golden age of vaudeville.

Milton & Dupree were known for their patented ‘punchlineless humor.’ Whatever their routine lacked, they made up for with a strong dedication to their craft and a hearty dose of old-timey, razzle-dazzle. Like a hilarious two-headed amoeba, Milton & Dupree delighted audiences in an era that knew nothing of comedy. But then again, neither did Milton or Dupree.

ANIMATION: Bradley Gake and Peter Michail. Edited by Michael d’Ambrosio.

RELEASE DATE: December 1, 2010

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