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Sweet Georgia Brown

EPISODES: 6:4 / Pet Swap pup Orlando.

Pet Swap

DIAGNOSIS: Dependent Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: On Pet Swap, pet owners from all walks of life get to spend a week with someone else’s pet while their fuzzy friends get to take a little vacation in someone else’s home. It alienates the animals and infuriates the pet owners! Why are they doing this? Only on NBC Golf!


Superego: Episode: 6:4


COMING 8/11/2020!

SPECIAL GUESTS: Jeff Davis from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Musical Specialist James Bladon, Maria Blasucci from Drunk History, Amanda Lund from The Complete Woman, Sweet Georgia Brown, and Margaux the Fat Guy.

CASE STUDIES: Campfire with Roy Cabras, Doctor Don Clarinetto, Cedar Grove Haunted Corn Maze, and Pet Swap.