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Superego: Behind The Bonus: Season 2: Part 2

Behind The Bonus Season 2 Purchase Picexplicit

AVAILABLE ON STITCHER. Use promo code SUPEREGO for a free one month trial.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Jesse Thorn from The Sound of Young America, Jordan Morris from Jordan, Jesse, Go!, Chris Tallman from Parks and Recreation, James Bladon from Hell on Wheels, and Tom Farnan.

CASE STUDIES: Mixogynists, Nick Nolte, The History Network, White Collar Comedy Tour, Starcharters, Eddy Buggy, and a brief but wonderful appearance by Hank Agee.

BONUS: behind the scenes discussions, answers to your questions, and a sneak preview of some songs from The Journeymen’s upcoming album! Oh, boy!

RELEASE DATE: February 1, 2011

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