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The Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom Pic

DIAGNOSIS: Antisocial Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Led by criminal mastermind Lex Luthor, The Legion of Doom is a criminal syndicate hell-bent on destroying the venerable and beloved Superfriends. Turns out, they’ve tried just about everything. Seriously. They’re open to just about any idea at this point. Membership standards are at an all-time low, so if you’re looking for a fun yet fruitless way to spend a few hours per week trying to end the lives of nearly invincible demigods dedicated to truth and justice with a near certainty of serious personal injury or even death, then The Legion of Doom might just be the ill-managed organization for you! Recruitment sessions happen every Wednesday starting at 5:30pm at the bulbous black metal dome down in the algae-slathered sinkhole behind the hardware store.

EPISODES: 4:4 / 4:5 / 5:2

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