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Listening To Looks At Books

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DIAGNOSIS: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: In 1989, Robert Crouj¢∞¶ᵃ∏ and a small group of friends started a book club which blossomed into the widely lauded National Public Radio program Listening To Looks At Books. What began as a frank discussion of literary releases has slowly atrophied into a tyrannical roundtable of utter nonsense. Authors pray to the paper gods that their books will not be the subject of the next, or any, episode.

EPISODES: 4:3 / 5:2

SUPEREGO LIVE: January 17, 2015 • Riot LA / February 7, 2015 • SF Sketchfest / June 24, 2015 • The Bell House NY / September 14, 2018 • London Podcast Festival / November 16, 2018 • The Bell House NY

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