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Reverend Parsimony

Reverend Parsimony Pic

DIAGNOSIS: Paranoid Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Each Sunday, Reverend Parsimony wakes up with the dawn, runs a cold comb through his rich, cloud-white hair, and marches down to the local parish to proselytize to a handful of absolute sinners. Wherever he goes, he warns townsfolk of the dangers of perdition with an awkward turn of phrase and a slight stutter. His fear-based old testament preaching style is the basis of his many self-published religious pamphlets including God Sword, A Guide To Hell’s Hot Wallpapers, and Say Your Prayers and Pray your Stairs.


SUPEREGO LIVE: September 27, 2014 • LA Podfest / February 7, 2015 • SF Sketchfest / November 11, 2017 • The Bell House NY / November 16, 2018 • The Bell House NY

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