Improvised & Analyzed

The Leffingwell Grocers

DIAGNOSIS: Borderline Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: Since 1942 BC, your friendly botulism-free food bazaar has been Leffingwell Grocers. Fresh food, reasonable prices, and dick-like customer service are the three reasons people keep coming back to Leffingwell’s. Stop by and try not to lose your damned mind listening to the employees make announcements over the public address system; the one set permanently to a brisk 98db! Thank you for shopping at Leffingwell Grocers!

EPISODES: 3:9 / 3:13

SUPEREGO LIVE: May 3, 2013 • UCB / June 24, 2015 • The Bell House NY / November 11, 2017 • The Bell House NY


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