Improvised & Analyzed

The Cobblefax Abbey Busalong Ghost Tour

DIAGNOSIS: Borderline Personality Disorder

CASE HISTORY: New England’s premiere Yelp-ignored paranormal ghost tour and only winter-operating open-air double-decker bus, Doc Jimmy and Paolo Tibbets have been running this macabre descent into the darker side of New England’s history for the last eight weeks. From young girls buried alive to young boys buried in young girls, Doc and Paolo have a love for all things supernatural. Their shared interests end there. Doc and Paolo began the Cobblefax Abbey Busalong Ghost tour in an attempt to renew their own friendship, and pay off the mountains of debt accrued from the purchase of double-decker busses and paying locals to use their apartments as haunted mansions.


SUPEREGO LIVE: June 24, 2015 • The Bell House NY

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